July 18th - 23rd, 2023

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Who we are

Region Six is an organization that is designed to bring together members of the Northeast Affiliates including the states of: Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and our friends to the north, the Maritimes and Quebec.

Founded in 1997, the R6AQHA is a voluntary confederation of AQHA recognized affiliates within Region 6.  The affiliates have strength in numbers, take a regional approach, supported by equal representation of participating affiliates to promote the breed, provide equine education, membership development, leadership and public policy.

Two members from each affiliate in the region make up the Region Six Board of Directors with the Executive committee positions being voted on by the Board. The Board has one annual meeting per year and holds additional conference calls to plan, develop and manage the Region Six Super 6 & Regional Championship Show and other regional events & activities each year.

A message from R6 President Gene Spagnola

Dear Region Six Community,

It’s with a heavy heart that I write on behalf of the entire region to inform our members of the passing of Lucille Evarts. A native of Vermont, Lucy was a great champion of both her local and Regional affiliates, working tirelessly to ensure that both associations functioned to the best of their abilities for sake of the members. 


I’ve worked and enjoyed horse shows alongside Lucy for many years, thanks to our mutual love of this region and the American Quarter Horse. For the last few months, I’ve had the privilege of working even closer with Lucy as she continued to serve as the Treasurer for Region Six, and in that time, I’ve gained a deeper understanding as to why Lucy is loved so widely by our community. 


Lucy was compassionate, and hardworking and cared about everyone around her. Her attention to detail and ability to solve problems was unparalleled, and there was never anyone starting work at the horse shows before her or leaving later than she did. A great deal of the strength of our local shows and events can be attributed to the undeniable work ethic and determination that Lucy brought to making those events happen. In many ways, Lucy was the backbone of both Vermont Quarter Horse and Region Six. 


The loss of Lucy will surely leave a devastating absence that we will all feel. As horsemen and women, and as members of this community, the best way we can honor her memory is to continue to uphold our Region with the utmost integrity, and continue to respect our beloved breed, just as she would. 



Gene Spagnola

President, Region Six

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Youth Team Tournament
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The Famous Aisle Hop

Very organized, well run show with exceptional awards, drawings, giveaways, activities and the list goes on. Wonderful people and lots of competition, It's a must on your show schedule!!!

Great management! It has become my favorite show of the year!

Very well organized. The staff and volunteers were friendly and very helpful. There was always a smile to greet you no matter what time of the day you saw someone. It was amazing!

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