About Us

Horses lined upThe purpose of the Region 6 AQHA –
The purpose of R6AQHA is to aid its member affiliates in the promoting, program development, and marketing of the American Quarter Horse on a regional level as a breed in any and all matters as may pertain to the history, breeding, exhibition, publicity, recreational riding, ownership, sale, racing or improvements of the breed throughout the area comprising Region Six AQHA
Region Six AQHA Mission Statement –
The R6AQHA exists for the purpose of uniting all affiliates in Region Six into one source to reach all current and potential American Quarter Horse owners.
R6AQHA will create and develop regional programs, activities and events to benefit each affiliates in Region Six equally.
R6AQHA shall serve as a clearinghouse for affiliate’s information; one place to find information about all the Region Six Affiliates.